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"Tom Swift," he said bookishly. - thebiblioholic

Jun. 25th, 2014

06:29 pm - "Tom Swift," he said bookishly.

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When I was a kid I read all the Tom Swift, Jr. books I could get my hands on from the library. A few years ago I found several of them at book fairs/used book stores and picked up a few, such as Tom Swift and His Flying Lab "by" Victor Appleton II (a collective pseudonym). I had never read the original Tom Swift books "by" Victor Appleton (also a colective pseudonym) nor was I aware that there was a third and fourth series in later years (80s and 90s). Recently I found out that many of the first series has been put online by Project Gutenberg and are conveniently available for the Kindle directly from Amazon for free. I downloaded a bunch and have begun reading them on my daily commute.



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Date:June 25th, 2014 11:40 pm (UTC)
I also read and enjoyed the Tom Swift Jr. books in my youth. I also discovered two or three of the original series in my grandparents' attic, and enjoyed those as well. I have gathered a number of books from the original series that I have been meaning to read. I also have a few Tom Swift Jr. books that I got from other BookCrossers. I'll need to make a point to read them soon.
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