thebiblioholic (thebiblioholic) wrote,

Great Children's Read

We went to the New York Times Great Children's Read held on the Columbia University's Morningside Heights campus. Lots of authors on stage, signings afterwards, and various celebrities reading books to children. They had many activities for small children, and gave away freebies.

They Might Be Giants gave a concert and Julie Andrews (Edwards) and her daughter Emma Walton Hamilton did a Q&A on stage:

It was a beautiful sunny day, though a bit chilly in the shade. Afterwards we went to Cafe Swish for dinner. They have lots of interesting Asian dishes from Japan, Thailand and Vietnam. I had a Pork Katsu Curry and a very yummy red bean smoothie. At one point during dinner the lights dimmed. I figured it was the transition to dinner mode (we got there before the dinner crowd arrived). A while later when I glanced at the back of the restaurant, I saw a large group of waitstaff all sitting at a long table with their heads cradled in their arms taking a short nap:


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